Couture Traders

Classic, Timeless, Approachable

In October 2017, we met Tiffany and Kelly, two of the owners of Couture Traders, a designer handbag reseller out of Chester, NJ. Couture Traders came to us looking for a clean slate; they wanted to begin again with a stronger foundation for their store. After meeting the team and discussing their goals, we came up with the following objectives:

  1. Create a timeless, classic brand for their company to follow.
  2. Develop a social media plan.
  3. Distinguish the company from primary sales companies while retaining the upscale feel of one.

This was an exciting challenge, and we took many approaches (wordmarks, logomarks, etc,) until we finally landed on a decision. In the end, we decided that using a wordmark accompanied with a stamp-like monogram would enable us to associate the brand with a flexible design, allowing Couture Traders to be recognized seamlessly in a variety of mediums such as social media, print, and web.


Buy, Sell, Trade.

This mantra needed to be represented in a way that was also easy to incorporate into other design pieces without using up too much real estate. We created this circular monogram with the slogan included to fill that need. This asset is used to literally "brand" the Instagram posts of Couture Traders, enabling the posts with be easily recognizable without sacrificing style.

Navy Unless Not

To create a bridge between upscale retail and budget consignment, we used dark, sophisticated colors such as Navy and Grey. While most upscale retailers use a one-color logo, we wanted to seperate Couture Traders from that realm while still calling to it. Using colors that was felt serious but approachable were the easiest way to bridge that gap.

Identity Mockup POV.jpg