A Drink For You, and You, and You

In a world oversaturated with products, how do you make a product you believe in stand out? REZ is a restoration beverage which focuses on creating a drink that is delicious and fruity while maintaining its stance on being a healthy drink. In order to accompany this attitude, we developed, where consumers can learn about how a healthy drink can fit any lifestyle, and also pushed a social media campaign creating a powerful call to action.

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A Drink with Nothing to Hide

The ingredients that go into producing REZ is one of the traits that makes REZ so unique. With a combination of turmeric, glucosamine, and stevia, REZ is made to restore your body, not damage it. 


REZ is versatile and nutritious. The next step is get people to buy it and drink it. With that in mind, our partnership led to the development and promotion of #DRINKREZ, a campaign to encourage people to drink REZ regardless of their lifestyle. Flexible and easy to remember, #DRINKREZ can be seen on a variety of print and web ads, as well as the countless uses on social media by users.