Horseshoe Tavern / The Raven Room

Introducing a Dynamic Duo to Morristown’s Nightlife

Both vibrant and charming, The Horseshoe Tavern and the Raven Room lounge located in historic Morristown offers a unique twist that features the duality of a bar and upstairs lounge in one combined location, effectively changing the face of monotonous one-stop nightlife. When creating a strategy to revamp and rebrand this location, we wanted to showcase the experience of hosting a separate downstairs bar and upstairs lounge. Patrons will experience a tasteful take on youthful, modern western decor and theme downstairs in The Horseshoe Tavern, but upon venturing upstairs they will find a more upscale and atmospherically dark, cultured, and romantic mood in the Raven Room lounge.

Redefining Western Gothic

When we were approached by The Horseshoe Tavern, we were tasked with revamping the style of their bar while also creating a brand for their new Raven Room from the ground up which allowed us to get creative and explorative. In order to convey Horseshoe’s goals of maintaining a young, western, and easily recognizable brand, we introduced conspicuous western imagery and decor featuring rustic horseshoes and other western gear to capture the Tavern’s charming theme and fun loving, youthful atmosphere of the downstairs bar.  To brand the upstairs Raven Room to be upscale, professional, and cultured, we paid homage to the 19th century literary gothic Edgar Allan Poe; designing menus and muralistic imagery and decor modeled after scenes orchestrated in his classic poem “The Raven,” while adhering to a darker color pallette to emphasize the sophisticated, upscale, and professional mood of the Room.

Horseshoe 16x9.jpg
raven room5.jpg
raven room6.jpg

Bringing Them Together

We wanted to focus on the bar and lounge’s unique brand of having a combined location of both a downstairs tavern and an upstairs lounge while still defining The Horseshoe Tavern and Raven Room to coexist as separate entities in one business. When creating their website, we enabled the user to easily navigate between both the Horseshoe Tavern and the Raven Room website by uniting them with a common homepage, reflecting our goal to recognize and distinguish the downstairs western tavern and upstairs Poeian lounge as a separate bar and lounge that manage to maintain different but complementary styles and vibes.

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