Facebook Live and its Effect on the Way Companies Market

Social media is the new era of marketing, it’s been around a while, but is constantly changing and adding new ways for businesses to communicate to its target market. It has given companies more ways to personalize their ads and zone in on their target demographic.

One recent addition to the social media world is Facebook live. It came out in 2015 to celebrities, journalists, and verified accounts. Then in 2016, it came out to the public and anyone could use it. However, this isn’t about the public use of Facebook live, it’s about how it affected marketing strategies.

So how did Facebook live affect and change the way business market to their customers, well there are a few ways:

1.   Live Q&A’s: this allows customers to interact with their favorite companies and feel like they a part of it, not just some random customer.

2.   Give behind the scene tour of office: this gives your brand life; customers actually get to see everyone who is part of the team and see real people and not just a name.

3.   Host events/interviews: get people involved in giveaway events/ or just to show events your company is at and maybe get customers to attend future events

4.   People can watch from anywhere: people can watch from their phones anywhere and will get a notification when a company they are following goes live, so even if they don’t watch they start thinking about the brand.

5.   Makes it more real: print ads on a billboard, commercials on a TV just make customers feel like they are trying to get sold to. Going on Facebook live makes it feel personal more real and makes people feel less targeted they see a real person, not an actor.

6.   It’s free: it gives companies a way to save money while still reaching its target market

No customer now and days wants to be just another customer they want to feel special. Companies are starting to personalize their ads and their marketing strategies, especially with all the info companies can acquire info on people through their social media accounts. In an Adweek.com article one of the trends that will make an impact in social media is personalized content and also says live streaming will be the way businesses hit their target market. Not only does Facebook live help businesses reach their target market, it makes it doesn’t make their customers feel targeted.  Then in a Forbes article, they say new areas of communication will emerge and I believe that new area is not just Facebook live, but just live streaming in general.

In conclusion, companies are in constant search for the current best way to communicate to their customers. I see marketing going in a direction away from traditional ads and going with more interactive ways to market their brand. When people feel like they are a part of something they feel more comfortable, they don’t want to feel used. That is exactly what companies need to do when it comes to marketing, make their customers feel comfortable. Facebook live is the next big thing and I expect to see more companies using this as 2017 fades out and 2018 comes in.