Social media is it’s own fascinating and ever changing world, and very often a new social media platform emerges to capture our attention or become part of our daily lives. Everyday, people all over the world are building and launching new social media tools that have the ability to empower us marketers in our day-to-day work.

With all these tools to choose from it is important to stay on top of the latest and greatest. With the new year approaching it is valuable to check out this list of 8 New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017.

   1. Quuu: Hand-curated content suggestions for social media sharing

Quuu hand-curates content for you and fills your Buffer queue, making content curation super easy.  All you have to do is connect Quuu to your Buffer account and select any interest categories that are relevant to you or your brand. They currently curate content in more than 300 different topics.

Quuu is free or you can upgrade for $10 a month, it is definitely a tool worth checking out in 2017.

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2. Panda 5- A smart news reader, powered by integrations

Panda 5 helps you speed up your content curation process by allowing you to browse multiple websites at once, integrate with other websites, and pull RSS feeds of your favorite content. Once you authorize Panda with your Twitter account, it will recommend you a list of feeds to follow based on who you follow on Twitter. You can also search for more feeds and add them to your reader. You can even read articles in the app itself to save you more time.

Also, if you are using Chrome extensions, you can personalize your new tab with nine different options such as a to-do list or a notepad.

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3. Yotpo- Collect Instagram photos from customers and influencers

Yotpo makes collecting the best user – generated content and making full use of them for your business really easy. Curation is their latest feature to help you collect and use user- generated Instagram photos (with proper permission).

There are several ways you can use Yotpo’s curation feature. With their advanced search functions,  you can create a feed of Instagram photos from your customers, influencers and yourself. Using their automated workflow, you can easily get the permission to use those photos and thank the creators. After collecting the user- generated photos, you can create a shoppable Instagram feed and photo galleries where your customers can go directly from Instagram or your homepage. You can also promote your curated photos on your website, social media, or Yotpo Ads to show how real customers are using your product.

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4. Zest- Fresh marketing inspiration with every new tab

Zest is a new tab extension that helps you discover great marketing articles. All the articles are curated by its community of marketers and manually approved. Simply add the Chrome extension, and whenever you open a new tab, Zest will serve you the latest curated marketing articles.

Apart from receiving this content suggestions, you can also suggest your content or great content you have found. The team at Zest is working on a Zest profile, which will allow people to follow your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Zest posts. Soon, you will be able to build up your online marketing identity with Zest, based on your social media posts and Zest contributions.

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5. Adobe Spark- Videos, images and stories made in minutes

With Adobe Spark, you can create beautiful graphics, web stories, and animated videos in minutes. Through Adobe Spark’s browser editor, you can create and edit social graphics, web stories, and videos. For graphics, you can resize the graphic for different social media platform and change the theme, color palette, background, and text. A web story is essentially a web page with photos, videos, and text that tells a story. When creating a web story, you can include photos, text, button, videos and more. For videos, you can pick from a story template or start from scratch. You can then insert icons, texts, and photos, add music and change the layout of each slide.

Additionally, Adobe has created iOS apps so that you can create these content on the go! And the best part, it’s free!

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6. Rocketium- Transform text & media into stunning videos

Rocketium focuses on creating short videos with overlaid text. With Rocketium’s browser editor you can create short videos in three simple steps.

  1. Add content and captions to the editor. You can upload images and videos or select copyright-free images and videos from their gallery.
  2. Choose a theme for your video. You can pick from their pre-made themes or build your own.
  3. Customize your video with filters, animations, fonts and more.

What makes Rocketium so great is that you can choose to publish in different aspect ratios and Rocketium will automatically resize your captions for you.

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7. Yala- A bot that knows the best time to share your content

Yala is a Slack bot that uses machine learning to determine the best time to post to Twitter and Facebook.After you authorize Yala to post on your Twitter and/or Facebook profile, there are several things you can do:

  • Change the publishing frequency (Yala will inform you your optimal posting times)
  • Schedule a text post or an image with text
  • Check your scheduled posts by sending “series” to Yala (Series is your queue of scheduled posts)

Yala uses machine learning to update your optimal posting times automatically so you don’t have to think about the posting times at all.

A great bonus is that the team is exploring the idea of bringing Yala to Facebook Messenger so you will be able to use it even if you are not using Slack. Definitely a Social Media tool to look out for in 2017.

Here is what a product Hunter has to say about Yala:

8. PostReach- The easiest way to measure content performance

PostReach is best used for Content marketing analysis, PostReach automates content reporting for you. It tells you your key traffic stats, the number of shares and the influencers who shared your content. With 84% of social media marketers also working on content marketing, PostReach can help you with your social media and content marketing reports. With just one click, you can set up PostReach for your blog and it will automatically create reports for every post you publish. 

With PostReach, you get the following information:

  • Traffic breakdown: Views and unique views
  • Reader engagement: Bounce rate and average time on page
  • Reader acquisition: Channels and sources which brought readers to your content
  • Shares breakdown: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Twitter breakdown: Total shares, tweets, retweets, and total potential reach
  • Influencers: Influencers who shared your content and their social stats