Social Media "Best Practice" Keys for Effective Marketing

Social Media “Best Practice” Keys for Effective Marketing

Social media has been the bedrock for any business looking to promote their brand, and it’s not going away anytime soon.  Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can reach millions of users with ease, so using the right strategies to appeal to these users is critical.  When coordinated properly, social media can be an excellent tool to build your brand.  On the other hand, there are ways to lose followers and break trust through poor practices.

When and What to Post

Social media use can be tricky because it’s often about achieving a balance between being overly active and going silent, and maintaining an effective voice without trying too hard to sound appealing.  Disappearing for a week or two can leave followers feeling like the business is out of touch, but inundating the feed with posts can be overwhelming and unappealing. Furthermore, pages that constantly post promotional content are sure to wear thin over time, but failing to promote to an event or deal misses out on having such a platform.  Achieving the blend of the occasional promotional post mixed in with other images of the brand, while posting at the right frequency, will help maximize your social media potential.

Establishing a Voice and Style

Another critical piece to this puzzle is establishing a clear, consistent voice or personality that followers can grow to trust.  Each business needs to establish the unique voice that suits their brand, and accompany this voice with a consistent style or look.  Different campaigns or seasons may inspire a different style, but being all over the map on a week-to-week basis can leave followers feeling like the business lacks self-awareness.  Having a confident voice and style builds trust with the consumer.  Moreover, mixing in additional content like a behind-the-scenes video or a user-generated post can diversify the feed without necessarily sacrificing this image.

There may not be one perfect formula for every business to adhere to on social media, but there are definitely practices that can either hurt you or help you when promoting your brand.  Balancing the frequency of posts, along with the kinds of messages they’re sending, is one step.  Pairing these posts with an appropriate voice, and the proper images to convey this voice, is also critical.  While there are plenty of other details in this social media equation, pinning down these steps can form the base for any successful social media campaign.