Using Pinterest as a Search Engine

When thinking about social media, the usual platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter always comes to mind. Others might throw in LinkedIn, Tumblr, or even Pinterest. However, when it comes to marketing, thinking of Pinterest as a social media platform may be holding you back. It’s time to think of Pinterest as a visual search engine.


Pinterest provides many opportunities for search engine optimization. People often turn to Pinterest with an intent to buy a product, but are unsure of the exact item they are looking for. Pinterest’s advanced search function provides users with recommendations for searches and what searches are trending. Upon searching, thousands of images linking to available products come up.



  1. Research trending topics and suggested searches on Pinterest. Doing this can provide you with insight of what you need to be adding to your posts. By adding keywords to the descriptions of the pictures you post on the platform, you open up the range of people who may be viewing your content, beyond those who follow your page.

  2. Don’t be afraid to be descriptive. Pinterest is different from social media platforms because of its lack of hashtags. When captioning pictures, aside from using keywords, you should be as descriptive as possible for two reasons: First, so the viewers know what they are looking at. Second, captions broaden the searches your pin could show up in.

  3. Utilize rich pins. Rich pins provide the space for more details beyond the description box. This could be in the form of placing the price on a product or providing a full recipe. Users are drawn to posts that are visually pleasing and easy to retrieve information from.

  4. Pin consistently. The more often you pin, the fuller your profile will be. If a user is drawn to one of your pins they will view your profile to see similar posts. A well organized page will show a quality brand and lead users to your website and other platforms. A sparsely used page will look inactive and drive users away.