How Instagram Stories Can Diversify Your Marketing Approach

Instagram, with its massive user base, is a simple and effective way for businesses to reach out to potential consumers.  Instagram stories, a relatively new feature on the app, can supplement standard posts by offering additional content in a quick, eye-catching fashion.  For those not familiar with the feature, stories similarly display images, but allow for more creativity in the way of on-image captions and doodles.  They also disappear after 24 hours, all together mimicking several features of the popular Snapchat app.  So how do stories offer another approach to market your brand?

Stories can be engaging by using a similar formula to Snapchat, where they present quick, temporary images that can be presented as slides.  Where normal posts will generally look more professional and clean, stories are meant to be more fun and creative.  They can also link to a website or specific page so followers can easily get a more in-depth look if they wish.  Stories cannot carry an entire marketing campaign by themselves, but can be a useful addition to standard posts because the type of content is meant to be fresh and different.

Businesses looking for another angle to their social media approach should consider using stories as a lower-stakes option that can still look fun and dynamic.  Perhaps they could offer behind-the-scenes video of a certain product, or promote an event with a series of slides and bold captions.  They can both rehash a theme on the page’s main Instagram feed, or present content that otherwise would not make the cut.  Any way you use them, stories can help build a brand’s voice while diversifying the kind of content being posted.