The Importance of an Email List

In the age of social media, email may seem a little old fashioned when it comes to marketing. However, it is perhaps the most important tool available to marketers because of its strong contrasts to social media platforms.

First things first, it is important to establish how you will be building your email list. Never collect emails without the owner’s consent. This will amount your emails to spam and cause you to lose customers. Instead, ask customers on your website if they are willing to sign up for email notifications about new products, promotions, or blog posts. Allowing people to select what content they are interested in will make for happy customers.

Good content will ensure that recipients are actually reading the emails sent to their inboxes. Giving sneak peeks of products that have not yet debuted is a good way to get them excited for what is to come. In addition, member only deals will keep people interested in each week’s new email to see if the item they had their eye on is a part of the current deal. Sales and promotion notifications will entice customers to shop because of the ease of not having to hunt a deal down on their own.

While social media may seem the hottest commodity today, the constantly changing algorithms could hurt your company in the long run. A post may not show up in a follower’s timeline until after the promotion has ended or it could get lost in a sea of other content. Emails remain visible in the recipient’s inbox until they choose to open it or delete it. This increases the lifespan of your content past that of social media’s. Emails are also easy to save and easily searchable to find again to re-read a message.