Facebook Insights as Customized Marketing Feedback

Like most big social media platforms, Facebook is an excellent way to promote your business.  But the advantage isn’t solely in being able to reach followers with new posts.  With Facebook Insights, any business can monitor the performance of their page, and break down this performance in numerous ways.  This feature provides all of the necessary feedback a business could ask for when assessing their social media use, giving the opportunity to reaffirm positive practices and revise less effective ones.

Facebook Insights chart displaying the increase in page likes over one month

Facebook Insights chart displaying the increase in page likes over one month

If you’re looking for a quick summary of the last week or month, Insights provides a table of statistics like page views, reach, and page followers.  They also provide interactive visuals to accompany these stats, so you can see the spikes or drops in followers with easy-to-use charts.  If you want a more in-depth look, there are plenty of additional statistics.  For example, you can monitor the reach of a post on any given day, and see what portion of the reach was either from organic or paid (advertised) posts.  There are also charts that track page views by age, gender, and location.  This provides a helpful insight into who is engaging with your page, so that you can either sustain or change your approach to fit this target demographic.

Facebook Insights really captures all of the details that go into social media page interaction.  For marketers, this feature eliminates the guesswork when reviewing what posts and methods were the most effective for a given period of time.  Recognizing these trends over time and making adjustments can be a very useful tactic for improving any Facebook page.  At Nicklaus Marketing, we offer social media management services, working with the client to develop a social media strategy to better represent their company or brand.  This usually extends over several social media platforms, each of which has its own analytics feature to gauge user involvement.  And with features like Facebook Insights providing feedback, we’re able to constantly track and improve the strategies tailored for each business. 

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