Micro-Influencers for Small Business

An influencer is someone who is able to influence the perception that others have of a product. They can be a blogger, a youtube star, or a social media personality. A micro-influencer has a small to midsize following; a few thousand followers on any given social media platform. Small businesses can use micro-influencers to help expand their reach.

There are many perks to using micro-influencers. A smaller following means more engagement. If a social media influencer has a million followers and they all comment on a post, the influencer cannot personally respond to every comment. But a micro-influencer with a few thousand followers has a better chance of interacting with a higher percentage of commenters. In general, a higher follower count tends to lead to fewer likes and comments.

If you are already spending a majority of your advertising budget on social media and AdWords without seeing significant results, then trying micro-influencer marketing is a logical next step for your business. Micro-influencers do not charge much. More established personalities may charge around $250 per post, but other users with a smaller following could receive payment in the form of free merchandise or a coupon.

Customers like to see real people marketing to them, rather than a celebrity face. Building a long term relationship with a micro-influencer is also beneficial. Micro-influencers can help build authenticity for your brand and establish trust between the consumer and the business.

When choosing an influencer, it is important to look for someone whose page aligns with your brand identity and narrative. You should be thinking about if the person could use your product in their daily life. You should be looking for micro-influencers on platforms that your target customers are already on. If the majority of your customers are Instagram users, an Instagram micro-influencer is the way to go. The better the fit, the more successful the marketing campaign will be.

Nicklaus Marketing offers services in marketing strategy and social media management. We help identify your message and relay that message to your potential and current customers. Our team can identify micro-influencers that best fit your brand and either lend guidance to an in-house team, or handle the implementation of all social media.