Using Social Media to Your SEO Advantage

Good social media marketing leads users to a website, and good SEO practices keep users engaged and on the website. Being mindful of your current social media practices can help you leverage your social media for SEO.

The first step is getting the right followers. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have if they are not engaging with your content. Consistently building up a social media presence that encourages users to interact and follow your page for exclusive offers and content will establish a steady following. A large, good-quality following will lead to strong website traffic that will increase SEO.

The greater number of followers you have, the greater your potential for online sharing. Increased shares on social media increases the opportunities for a wider audience of people to view and link your content. To create this share-worthy content, focus on popular or trending content. Popular content is anything that is fun, useful, visually appealing, and engaging. This type of high-quality content needs to be original, actionable, easy to read, and thought-provoking. The most important step is to include a link back to your website domain. If your content gains traction on social media, shares will reference your link and in turn increase your SEO.  

When creating this content, ensure that it is still in line with what your brand represents. All posts should represent the brand values and mission. This does not mean that the posts should be overly promotional, but engaging pictures and articles that represent the company’s intended image will grab the attention of those scrolling past. As followers become more familiar with the brand and its identity, they will be drawn to click on this brand over others while conducting online searches. The more clicks on Google, the higher you will start to rank.

One last tip, it is necessary to reach out to the local community through social media. Be sure to update your accounts whenever your company participates in a local event or partners with another local brand.

If all this information seems daunting, or if you just think it is something you should take action on for your company, Nicklaus Marketing is able to help you. Nicklaus Marketing can work with you on you social media strategy by lending guidance or handling the implementation of all social media. Nicklaus Marketing can also provide full reports and strategy building for SEO and SEM and can also provide full-service website design.