Amy Nicklaus

Managing Partner


Amy Nicklaus has over 17 years of advertising sales, marketing and executive experience working for companies like CBS, Clear Channel, & Beasley Broadcasting as well as acting as V.P. of a National Association. Amy's experience and proven client results motivated her to step out to start her own company. 

Amy and her husband have two little girls 5 and 6 years old and two boys (yellow labradors). She believes in working hard and being the best example she can be in business and in life for her girls.  

Born and raised in Phoenix AZ, Jaron brings 14 years of experience in Adwords and SEO, an industry that has only been around for 16 years. Jaron moved to NY in 2011 and worked for Google as an Account Executive for their travel and automotive teams. He then left Google in 2013 to focus his efforts on helping up-and-coming businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools to help increase brand awareness, traffic to their sites, sales, donations, etc. Clients love seeing their business listed at the top of Google’s search results as a result of Jaron’s thorough and efficient SEO and SEM strategies. Jaron brings extensive and diverse experience to the Nicklaus Marketing team, his ability to help businesses of any size across a wide range of industries, products, and services, makes him a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Outside of work Jaron loves to play drums, listen to records, cook, and travel. 

Amanda Robinson


Amanda is an accomplished writer, editor, content creator, and social media maven, with a background in business operations, as well as media buying and optimization. She is a creative and strategic thinker, who is passionate about what she does.

After graduating from Saint Joseph’s University in 2014 with a degree in Business Marketing, she lived in the Philadelphia suburbs before relocating to north Jersey in early 2018.

She is a puppy lover, pop culture expert, music junkie, and fashion enthusiast.

Nick DePasquale

Lead Graphic Designer


With a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Studies, Nick DePasquale is a New Jersey native who brings a broad skill set in media production to the Nicklaus Marketing team. After working in marketing and advertisement for three years, Nick moved on to a startup media production company, shooting and designing for various organizations such as Red Bull and Evolution, among others. Nick’s love for advertisement has led him back to his roots, as he continues to develop unique approaches for many local clients. Apart from design, Nick has a passion for film history and screenwriting, and has a plethora of terrible ideas just waiting to be made into short films.

Emily Alworth

Social Media Coordinator

After graduating from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, Emily headed back home to New Jersey. Down in the D.C. area, she worked in event production and developed her marketing skills leading a promotions team for an electronic music production company running campaigns both on and offline. Her experience attracted her to the limitless potential within the digital space to develop brand voices and grow communities. When she’s not brainstorming ideas or coming up with witty captions, you can find her exploring new restaurants, as well as laughing with friends and family.