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Almost a third of purchasing decisions are based on packaging alone, making it essential that your product packaging is noteworthy and compelling to your target audience. From the conception of the original design to tangible, market-ready packaging, Nicklaus Marketing works alongside you to establish your vision in relation to the marketplace and bring it to life. We use market research and customer behavioral patterns to craft a design that will stand out, being both true-to-brand and unique from your competitors.

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When designing packaging we take into consideration the functionality and communication of value, while putting equal focus on communicating that value aesthetically. Packaging that is unsafe, faulty, or that unclearly communicates product use can frustrate customers and influence their decision making process. From the first interaction that someone has with your brand to every thereafter, we ensure that your customers will have a positive experience through each step of the buying process.

Package Design & Content

There is limited space to convey what a product is and what makes it more valuable then the products beside it. We treat every part of packaging strategically, using it to convey the most valuable selling points. We also apply market research to place CTA’s where the consumer looks first when deciding whether that product fulfills their need.

Market Research

How your product is received depends on what need is being fulfilled within the market. We identify those needs and how your product can be communicated as fulfilling those needs, and research the most cost-effective ways to effectively portray that.

Focus Groups

Focus groups provide valuable insights into every step of the merchandising process, including packaging, product use, product value, and other product qualities and perceptions. This can save extensive dollars prior to a product being distributed, and is an essential part of any product launch.

Pantone Color-Matching

Pantone color-matching is essential, as it allows packaging to correctly print the true-to-design colors. We use Pantone colors matching in our design so that your packaging prints accurately and correlates correctly across digital and print collateral.

Printing Samples & Quotes

Getting quotes and samples can take significant time. We leverage our cultivated relationships to provide you with some of the most competitive quotes on the market. We also supply you with printing samples upon request to ensure that you like the look and feel of the product prior to investing in a bulk order so that you can have peace-of-mind.

High-Resolution Mockups

Truly envision your product through high-resolution product mockups. These product mockups are also useful to convey your newly imagine product on third-party websites such as Amazon, coming soon landing pages, distributor material and more.

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Success Stories

Product Packaging for Fixadose

Fixadose is an effervescent drink mix that is unofficially a hangover cure and vitamin booster - the challenge with this packaging was to convey that to the consumer without actually saying it due to compliance restrictions. The result was a bright and colorful packaging bursting with bubbles and personality. We used eye-catching icons and an iconic logo to successfully portray the brand messaging.

Product Packaging for
Complete Pet Treat

Complete Pet Treat needed a super fun branding that conveyed their love for pets and their high-end ingredients. The result was a light-hearted, colorful, info-graphic branding that pops off the shelves!

Product Packaging for
The Better Patch

The goal was simple - grab the customer's attention and let them know The Better Patch is, well, better. Through an edgy logo and bold iconography, we designed an eyecatching product that's sure to get noticed.

Product Packaging for Mello Paws

The goal of this brand was to create clean and visually appealing packaging that focused on ingredient education and establishing the brand name with pet owners. We used a strong navy and a "mello" orange to convey both trust and the soothing relief the treats provide. We dedicated a whole area of the packaging to a personal letter from the company to convey quality and strengthen brand trust.

Product Packaging for Formula C21

Formula C21 produces unique, patent-pending, clinical strength hemp products. Since their formulations are high end, they needed a branding that could stand out among competitors and adapt for multiple product lines.

Product Packaging for Connoisseur Select CBD

The Connoisseur Select CBD tincture packaging needed to convey a quality, high-end product while staying consistent with the other products in the line. We carried over the sleek, mature color palette and paired it with live botanicals to convey the all-natural, broad-spectrum ingredients.

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