Nicklaus Marketing & PR is built on integrity, out-of-the-box thinking, and a passion for helping our partners thrive. Contact us below to tell us about your business goals or give us a call at 973-538-0450.

Brand Development & Strategy

We are your biggest brand advocates. From initial concept to full inception, we bring your idea to life and then create a cohesive, results-driven strategy that will make your brand resonate and stay top-of-mind in your audience.
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Website Development

A full-service web design agency with an inclination toward engagement trends, we develop, launch, and maintain your website, aligning it perfectly with your vision, gearing it toward your audience and enforcing your brand strategy.
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We provide you with a full SEO keyword ranking report, a link-building strategy report, and indexed page info so that you know the exact heartbeat of your business, and gain a full understanding on how to optimize it through SEO and PPC.
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Social Media Management

Social platforms are an important way of finding leads, reinforcing brand relevancy, and letting your customers know that you’re listening. We take care of content creation and upkeep, while you enjoy the benefits of happy, interested customers.
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Content Creation

Compelling content is vital to the communication and effectiveness of your overall brand identity and value. We help you stand apart from competitors through engaging copy, disruptive visuals, and strategic marketing campaigns.
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Product Packaging

Studies have shown that product packaging has the single biggest impact on a customer’s decision-making process. Good packaging will get your product noticed, increase sales, and reinforces brand recognition and loyalty.
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Merchandising & E-Commerce

As a seller, you know that product space equates directly to money spent. We evaluate your current strategy, adjust it to increase effectiveness and give you the greatest ROI, all while implementing the best practices in the industry.
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Photography & Videography

Strong visuals are prominent drivers of social engagement and perceived brand identity. Engage your customers, revive your aesthetic and visually communicate brand value through our professional Photography and Videography services.
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Think of our agency as an extension of your team—we are your greatest brand advocates and take your success seriously. We learn about your goals, brand culture, day-to-day experience, and ultimate vision to understand where you are now, where you are headed, and how NMPR can work to make that path one that is enjoyable, feasible, and profitable.

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