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Village Super Market is so much more than the parent company for a group of ShopRite stores – they’re a family, a community, and a local charity powerhouse. Their website serves as a hub for all of these things – it connects people to their local ShopRite locations, it takes donation requests and volunteer requests, it goes into detail about their different wellness classes and offers wellness packages for purchase, and lists the programs that they offer. It also serves as a strong branding opportunity, putting a face to many of the workers that are contributing to building up their communities on a daily basis.

The process of making this site was an extensive one, where we connected with multiple teams within Village Super Market to ensure cohesion and usability. Before even starting the site, the Nicklaus Marketing design and content teams visited the stores in order to get a feel of not just the Shop Rite experience but to get a first-hand understanding of the Village Super Market difference and what that meant to the community. Taking this experience of the in-store customer path and translating it to an online experience that offered the same level of convenience and care, the brand as a whole was taken from an in-person touchpoint into an effective online service as well.

Nicklaus Marketing also developed the site in a way that would be more user-friendly for the internal Village Super Market teams, increasing efficiencies and freeing up time. For example, the donation process had been very difficult, making requesting a donation frustrating for the user and especially taxing on the internal team, as information would be incomplete, incorrect, dates would be wrong, etc. Nicklaus Marketing worked closely with the team to decipher needs and efficiency strategies. Once these were in place, Nicklaus Marketing custom-coded forms to make the process significantly smoother while still being able to use their former processes and retain all information that they had previously captured. We worked with Village Super Markets to also make the site AOA compliant, ensuring an inclusive user experience.

Being a place to brand, connect, utilize, branch out, and share, this website had to properly connect with all audiences. Because of this, we made the website ADA Compliant, meaning that accommodations and considerations have been made throughout the site for individuals who may have disabilities. The site and its content have been strategically and methodically built from the ground up in order to best serve all individuals.

Their Village Super Market site now offers an experience that mirrors the exceptional service, quality, and convenience that they provide in each of their stores.

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