The Better Patch


Topical CBD Product


It’s no surprise that CBD took the market by storm, with its wide range of benefits, holistic healing properties, and no side effects. In 2020, CBD has become a regular household term with individuals who previously either thought that CBD was marijuana, or had no idea what it was at all. This massive change in market mentality led to a whole new market, and that market quickly became oversaturated with companies whose product was actually just hemp oil, containing no CBD at all. This created a level of consumer distrust that makes it all the more important that genuine CBD companies provide a product where the difference is notable and their transparency is absolutely uncompromised.

The most common form of CBD is through ingestion, whether it be through vapes, tinctures, or edibles. Topical CBD, however, is proving to be an effective form of pain relief and inflammation reduction, having a “body” effect rather than just a mental one. This is especially taking root in older demographics. The Better Patch is a discrete, transdermal patch that can be applied anywhere that someone is feeling discomfort or pain. Over 10 hours, the CBD begins to be absorbed through the skin to offer target delivery of the CBD to the joints and muscles, including reducing inflammation in people struggling from arthritis. The Hempzilla CBD team came to Nicklaus Marketing with only a fantastic product – there was no name, no branding, or strategy. 

Nicklaus Marketing built The Better Patch from the ground up, identifying what would be needed to overcome consumer education hurdles such as distrust and reeducation, as well as establishing a guerrilla marketing campaign to get the patch in people’s hands from the day of launch. Using a palette of appealing colors, showing lifestyle visualization of the patch on online mediums, and by using extensive market research to best communicate with the groups that are likely to be most actionable, Nicklaus Marketing established everything needed from scratch for a potent launch strategy that’s as potent as The Better Patch. The Better Patch will launch by Q3 of 2020 – stay tuned!

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