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The pet industry is complex in the fact that you’re creating a product for a consumer that you cannot actually sell to. Although the product is meant to appeal to the pet, the branding is meant to appeal to the pet owner who has the purchasing power. This was a matrix that Nicklaus Marketing was ready to dive into. When approached with this CBD pet treat project, there was a blank slate: there was no name, logo, packaging, go-to-market strategy, or website. This allowed Nicklaus Marketing to flex its full creative muscle and develop a brand that fully enveloped the vision of the client. Through brainstorming and market research, Mello Paws came into creation.

When selling pet CBD, you are selling an experience for both the pet and the pet owner. Due to the benefits of CBD, we decided that one of the most valuable selling points would be to portray the treat as indirectly calming the pet owner through calming the pet. The branding direction was to be fun, classy, professional, approachable, and trust-worthy. The owners of the company were pet owners themselves, and that was consistently conveyed in a personable way that established a strong layer of trust in the customer from the onset.

The name that resonated most with the owners and with the selected target market after brainstorming was “Mello Paws.” Colors were chosen that conveyed reliability, confidence, trust, and also fun – we wanted the product to pop, whether it was on a shelf, being sold on Amazon, or being in someone’s Instagram feed.

All elements of the brand worked in concert with each other – the packaging was designed to show the product in a specific way and every touchpoint on the packaging had a purpose for both conscious and subliminal brand recognition.

Get Mello at www.mellopaws.com

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