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Is this the first time you’re hearing about Kratom? If so, you’re not the only one. Kratom has been used for decades in South Asia but has recently hit the US mainstream market due to its connection to CBD retailers. Although often in CBD’s shadow, Kratom is an entirely separate entity in terms of function and how it reacts in the brain. As an agency that is well-versed in the health supplement industry, Nicklaus Marketing jumped at the chance to market this natural remedy that’s leaping toward headlines.

The first step in creating the branding was becoming educated on all things Kratom. From the origin and active compounds to the preferred usage in each country and competitor analysis, the Nicklaus Marketing team collectively pulled extensive data on the ingredient, as well as the market potential in order to establish a brand that would resonate. One of the biggest takeaways from the research was learning how to navigate the restrictions surrounding Kratom-related advertisements, content, and marketing materials. Ultimately, this challenged Nicklaus Marketing to approach Topps Kratom in a unique, creative way that would comply with all regulations while also propelling the brand forward. That’s how Topps Kratom was founded – a Kratom company whose products are formulated in the USA, to the highest standards, while offering customers a safe, honest, and effective experience.

From the brand name to the font style used on the website, every aspect of the brand development of Topps Kratom was meant to be simple, straightforward, and cohesive. For the naming process, Nicklaus Marketing came up with a variety of ideas that were short, punchy, and easy to remember — all of which were instrumental for consumer recognition and brand awareness. As a brand rooted in exceptional product quality and purity, Topps was eventually chosen to further serve as a metaphor for its top-quality nature and achieving a spot at the “top” of the Kratom industry.

The website and packaging featured appealing iconography to communicate the product highlights, as well as the straight-from-nature ingredients found in each product, such as agave and pure Kratom powder. All packaging maintained a white, light grey, and black color scheme with subtle pops of earthy green and sky-blue tones to stand out on store shelves without losing the natural element. A crisp sans-serif font style was selected to maintain a clean look. Nicklaus Marketing also chose to incorporate a faded world map into the background of all packaging to represent the universality of Kratom.

The final touches of brand development focused on the Topps Kratom e-commerce website, specifically the customer journey. Much like the packaging design, Nicklaus Marketing took a striking approach to the layout to offer a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate website for both wholesalers and individual consumers. All written content was optimized for SEO to increase organic traffic and create a higher site ranking from the time of publishing.

Upon launch, Topps Kratom made waves throughout the Kratom industry and quickly established a national distribution channel that continues to fuel its success both in-stores and online.

To learn more about Topps Kratom, check out www.toppskratom.com

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