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A brand is like a living organism. It consists of many different moving parts, and each one of those parts make up the whole of the brand identity. Think of us an extension of your team – we create and keep your brand identity consistent on all channels and mediums which is imperative in constructing brand loyalty and trust.

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A brand is only as successful as its reputation.

Modern consumers want to have a relationship with the brands they buy from – whether on a conscious or subconscious level. This cultivated identity allows them to establish that relationship with a solid and consistent understanding of the brand; thereby, fueling brand loyalty, buying decisions, and product recognition. Nicklaus Marketing has been building successful brands for over a decade throughout varied industries, and establishing brand trust and recognition is one of our many fortes.

Logo Design

A logo identifies a brand with the use of a mark or an icon and it’s at the very foundation of what people associate your brand with. Our logo design is done with intention, using colors and imagery that expresses your brand and conveys a feeling.

Brand Naming

A brand’s name and a person’s name serve very similar functions, in that they give your brand a sense of connection and personality. Our team of creative thinkers do some research, get out the white board, and put our brains together to come up your perfect name.

Brand Culture

People want to be a part of something, and your brand culture conveys what they can be a part of if they decide to adopt your brand. Your brand culture is also a very important component to fostering loyalty, as it provides evidence to back up the “who you are” statements.

Brand Voice

Brand voice is more than just writing in a specific tone, such as casual or formal. It also can include writing to specific audiences with specific knowledge or writing in a voice that’s meant to educate a large, varied audience. We analyze your target market, develop a brand strategy, and craft a brand voice that’s consistent and gets you heard.

Market Positioning

When it comes to perceived value, positioning is an integral part of the process. People try to understand new things through association, so we position your brand in a way that it can be seen for the value that it has.

Cohesive Design

It usually takes a customer coming in contact with your brand at at least 4 touch points prior to them choosing to go with your brand, so brand cohesion is key in capturing sales and showing them a clear depiction of who you are. Our graphic design is seamlessly cohesive, making your brand distinct and recognizable across all platforms.

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Success Stories

When we meet with you we delve deep into the heart and soul of your brand and establish a cohesive and effective brand identity to work with.

Full Brand Identity
for Couture Traders

Couture Traders needed an out-of-the-box brand identity to match their innovative business model. This branding needed to be reminiscent of designer brand logos and convey the same timeless quality. We achieved this with an iconic stamped style logo, royal blue, and white color palette, and matching in-store point of sale.

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Brand Culture & Logo Design
for Complete Pet Treat

Dogs are funny, free spirits, and sometimes - very spoiled. The idea that people treat their pets like royalty was the inspiration of this fun and effective pet treat line. The bright fun colors make the brand stand out among the competition and help bring back the idea of what everyone really wants - to have fun with a happy, healthy dog.

Logo, Packaging & Website
Branding for Fixadose

Fixadose is an effervescent drink mix that needed a bright and colorful branding that conveyed wellness, relief, and the delicious bubbly flavor. We used eye-catching icons and an iconic logo to successfully portray the brand messaging.

Complete Brand Identity
for Jersey City KIA

When facing new management, KIA of Jersey City needed a disruptive new look that would attract potential customers driving by, and convey a sense of trust and confidence when experienced up close. We gave the whole dealership a brand refresh including business cards, letterheads, social media, outdoor signage, and even chose new colors for the interior of their showroom.

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Logo Design for Octavius Health

Octavius Health is making waves in healthcare with their innovative ideas and their experienced team - and their brand identity needed to say that and more. Like their company, the modern, sleek logomark can adapt to be used throughout the branding as a stand-alone icon or as the full logo.

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Full Brand Identity for Raven Room

When you walk through the doors at Raven Room, you are transported to an Edgar Allen Poe-esque speakeasy. From the dark, buttery leather to the hand-painted murals, the experience is just as important as their artisanal cocktails. We captured the essence of the Raven Room into a compact menu and had a hand in establishing this brand into a nightlife experience.

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