Graphic Design

We create with purpose.

We are problem solvers. We don’t just create beautiful works of art, we walk the line of beauty and function. We believe designs aren’t just surface images. Every detail has its purpose. We strive simplicity and saying more with less, and our strong design foundation will guide your customers to take action.

After all, what good is a beautiful design if it distracts the user from adding an item to a shopping cart? Or a sleek logo that can’t be seen on a mobile device?

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Keeping up with the speed of culture.

Trends, styles, and technology are constantly evolving along with the way that people consume media. At Nicklaus Marketing, we keep up so you don’t have to while executing our design in a way that’s cross-functional and always effective.

We provide on-brand graphic design for all stages of your business. Already have an established brand identity? We will comply with your brand style guide and provide a fresh, new perspective on your existing look and feel to revive your current image. No brand, logo, or even company name? We will bring your vision to life or help you with creative branding ideas.

No matter where you are at with your journey into the world of design, Nicklaus Marketing has the time-tested expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Logo Design

Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity. It must make a strong first impression, both in print and online. Fortify your brand’s memorability and loyalty with a strong, impactful, and adaptable logo.

Infographics & Custom Icons

Infographics and icons help deliver information in a unique way that’s easy to digest and retain even at first glance. In addition to being effective, they are also a great marketing and SEO tool because they are likely to be shared and bookmarked, increasing organic shares and backlinks!

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is like your fingerprint, containing unique subtleties that make it exclusively yours, no matter where your brand is featured. Developing a recognizable brand identity that grabs attention while communicating brand value is imperative to your company’s success. We identify your core values, and establish a relatable and desirable brand identity.

Marketing Design

It’s 2020, and virtually everything has become a marketing platform. We keep up with the latest trends to curate on-brand, relevant marketing design that helps you stay ahead of the curve and is designed with share-ability and functionality in mind.

User Interface & User Experience Design

User journeys need to be simple, expressive, thoughtful, and efficient. Our creative design follows current best practices while being fluid and responsive across all devices. This ensures that wherever your customers find you, that they have an exceptional experience, every time.

Ad Banner Design

Google has direct access to 90% of the U.S. population.  Ad banners are a valuable way to reach those users and are an integral part of any successful marketing strategy. There are many ways to advertise online, so leverage this easy way to directly target customers with specific messaging of your choice.

Point of Sale, Signage & Merch

If your brand isn’t seen, customers can’t engage. We craft bold, modern designs for P.O.S, outdoor signage, expo booths, and merchandise so that you can get noticed, planting the seeds for brand loyalty in even passerby’s.

Packaging Design

One out of three consumers admit to choosing a brand based on product packing alone, and that’s just one reason to invest in good packaging design. We cover all the bases from finding you reasonable costs, selecting the perfect materials for functionality and experience, and design a unique look that will attract customers to your product even amongst a crowded shelf.

Website Design

A website’s look and feel is equally as important as it’s functionality. We create eye-catching designs that work seamlessly with our responsive website development to strengthen your brand and guide users to the most actionable parts of your website.

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Success Stories

All of our design services may sound great, but the proof is in the final product. Browse some of our success stories below to see how we've put our creative minds to work!

Marketing Design for
Soul Sisters Boutique

When the holidays come around, it's easy to get lost in the marketing world without strong content. We created an editorial-style gift guide for Soul Sisters Boutique that was available for print as well as digital distribution that sparked interest and swayed buying behaviors based on the visual communication of the products.

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Social Media Overhaul for Nutrition21

Nutrition21 is one of the world's leading manufacturers of private-label nutritional supplements, holding hundreds of product patents. To highlight their spotlight products, we created cutting-edge social media marketing graphics and a social media marketing strategy to convey the lifestyle, efficacy, and value of the individual supplements. We strengthened the brand of each individual ingredient and created share-worthy product posts to match.

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Full Brand Identity for
Premier Pharmacy Partners

Branding for Premier Pharmacy Partners (P3) was built from the ground up, including the name, branding, logo, website, and customer experience. The goal was to create customer-facing assets that would create brand awareness, show value, and establish trust and credibility, and that goal was successfully met based on the overwhelming post-launch success.

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Engaging Print and Web Design
for NJWineSeller

NJ WineSellers is a great example of how well designed, targeted marketing can grab attention and increase sales, even when expanding to a brand new location. We designed cohesive ads, posts, and flyers which led to increased customer engagement and more people in both their flagship and new location.

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Full Branding for Commit2Fit

It's important to present your brand as professional and legitimate, even when you first open the doors. We created a matching set of branded letterhead, business cards, flyers and more so Commit2Fit could walk into a meeting and confidently showcase their services. This led to an increase in corporate fitness clients and overall name recognition.

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User Interface Design
for Intelligent Bills

We developed an on-brand, engaging online experience that showcases their case studies in user-friendly, colorful, visually-descriptive icon blocks for ease of navigation on all devices. Along with the brand new website look, we also established corresponding social media campaigns and ads to strengthen the brand across all platforms both visually and contextually.

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