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P3 Premier Pharmacy Partners provides clients with revolutionary healthcare solutions, geared specifically toward B2B decision-makers at hospitals and health care providers, while also offering a comprehensive and fully compliant B2C experience. In preparation for a nationwide launch, P3 hired Nicklaus Marketing & PR to build the company’s image from the ground up and to make a seamless experience for both health care providers and patients during every point of interaction.

Nicklaus Marketing & PR helped to establish all of P3’s consumer-facing materials, including forming the company name and forecasting/optimizing the customer experience, as well as developing uniformly branded print and digital collateral. Everything was done with the longterm goal of building a solid foundation from which to grow, while also gaining quick awareness of the brand and the value offering provided. Establishing trust and credibility is especially important in this industry, so all content was geared toward reinforcing the fact that P3 Premier Pharmacy Partners is a new player, in essence, but not in practice.

In addition to creating the branding and messaging for P3 as the umbrella company, Nicklaus Marketing also has and continues to provide individual branding for participating pharmacies that they own, are working with, or are expanding into. While being a partner of P3, each of these pharmacies still differ very much in their look and feel to establish a local, customer-centric feeling. Each is fully-compliant and is provided with the software and print materials needed to make an unmatched customer experience that is hyper-focused on customer service while offering efficient and simple solutions to pharmacy owners and healthcare providers.

What began as a brainstorming session at the conference room table of Nicklaus Marketing & PR is now in full force, with P3 Premier Pharmacy Partners offering incredible solutions that are truly changing the healthcare industry.

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