Commit 2 Fit


Corporate and Personal Fitness Training


Specializing in corporate wellness and personal training, Commit2Fit started when a motivated personal trainer saw the gap between what many corporations were trying to achieve through their company culture, but not hitting the target on: fostering health and wellbeing inside the office. Individual wellbeing overflows into every aspect of the business itself, and when done correctly, can result in heightened productivity and better employee relationships. Trying to close this gap, Casey, the founder of Commit2Fit, began offering corporate group classes in addition to her at-home personal training and decided to bring on Nicklaus Marketing to help her successfully achieve her goal. 

Casey worked with the team at Nicklaus Marketing, training them on-site and showing them the benefits of in-house corporate wellness. This experience made being able to communicate and establish the Commit2Fit brand seamless, as her core value proposition became exceptionally clear: Commit2Fit Empowers. Based on this premise, Nicklaus Marketing established a powerful print and online presence that included everything from business cards, to a website, to social media, to promotional packets and brand messaging. 

Commit2Fit’s fantastic reputation has helped it grow by word-of-mouth, while the marketing strategy in effect has helped gain traction in territories that weren’t previously able to be reached. Commit2Fit continues to flourish, empowering more and more clients and companies on a daily basis.

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