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When companies are looking to positively impact their bottom line by reducing unnecessary spending, they turn to a Financial Analyst. Intelligent Bills has been making impactful advancements and achieving ground-breaking wins in the Financial Analysis industry for over 25 years. They have become known for their results, their partnerships, and how they dynamically leverage the best technology and methodology while managing some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 technology budgets.

As a potential client interested in working with Intelligent Bills, trusting an outside company with huge technology and budgeting decisions that directly impact your net revenue seems overwhelming, and understandably so. Intelligent Bills brought on Nicklaus Marketing to pre-emptively hurdle these barriers in the minds of potential clients by creating a seamless and impactful online presence across both the online and social media sectors. Immediately, Nicklaus Marketing knew that clarity, trust, validation, and communication would be essential to establish quickly and confidently. Nicklaus Marketing made these 4 characteristics at the core of Intelligent Bills’ strategy and made them present in all consumer-facing touchpoints.

Being a technology-forward company, their website was optimized to be as up-to-date and modern as they are. It was designed for tablet, mobile, and desktop to give a uniform, consistent, and impactful experience for every visitor that uses their site. Their social media marketing strategy has been crafted to go hand-in-hand with their website and brand strategy. Through both the website and social platforms, all content enforces the fluidity of their techniques along with the fact that their knowledge spans both modern technology and older technology. This allows them to make accurate and thorough recommendations for companies in any stage of growth.

Nicklaus Marketing accomplished the communication of value through a blend of visual and textual content. For example, Intelligent Bills has some very impressive stats, but most people will graze over numbers when they are simply listed. To make sure that the statistics were received and absorbed, Nicklaus Marketing designed a dynamic display format that allows numeric content to be easily digested. Custom, infographic-style illustrations were designed with their target audience in mind and placed throughout the website to incite action all throughout the online customer path. In a brief glance, these graphics communicate that Intelligent Bills is an established and trusted company, that they provide results-driven solutions, and that their clients come first.

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