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Building Complete Pet Treat from scratch was a tremendous and exciting undertaking, especially because the product being sold will never be directly used by the purchaser themselves. The pet industry is filled with intense competition, so when Nicklaus Marketing was presented with the opportunity to launch a CBD pet treat, we understood that the branding needed to be heavily focused on consumer trust, education, sentiment, and perceived value.

Although CBD as a whole is becoming more trusted as accessibility and awareness increase, many people still do not understand the function of CBD for dogs. Similar to humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system with receptors throughout their body that react exceptionally well to CBD. Clinical studies have seen fantastic results in both the wellbeing and mental state of canines who ingest CBD, showing that it may reduce anxiety, seizures, and lessen the likelihood of cancer. THC, on the other hand, is fatal to dogs, and because some companies do not successfully remove all THC from their treats and tinctures, there has been increased consumer distrust within the CBD Pet Market. Educating the consumer on the benefits, safety and third-party lab testing of the product was a vital step.

Starting with the creation of the name “Complete Pet Treat”, Nicklaus Marketing aimed to establish something that communicated the product’s value and function immediately. The name “Complete Pet Treat” stemmed from the wholesome formulation and “complete” nature of the treats. In conjunction with the name, the slogan “Don’t Compromise, Go Complete!” was imagined. This short phrase would prove to carry powerful meaning for the brand throughout its launch, emphasizing that Complete Pet Treat prioritizes the well-being of pets through its top-quality, well-rounded products that are always tested for quality and purity.
The overall look and feel of the packaging design helped develop strong brand recognition through eye-catching, fun visuals. A smiling dog with an orange crown, another with a turquoise mustache – the design incorporated rich tones, infographics, and plenty of iconography alongside the imagery, while still making the product features most prominent.

Taking the packaging one step further, Nicklaus Marketing created a deeper level of brand trust and transparency by showcasing that this product has nothing to hide from owners or their pets. For a product free of shady or complicated ingredients, we repeatedly reinforced terms like all-natural, non-psychoactive, made in the USA, THC-free, organically grown, and dairy, gluten, soy, and corn-free across all digital and print content
Complete Pet Treat was a true, full-circle project in which Nicklaus Marketing was able to set a solid foundation for this booming company, helping it stake its claim in the rapidly growing pet CBD industry.

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