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Having a strong online presence is a necessity when it comes to increasing sales.

If the goal is to sell products or services online successfully, an optimized, responsive, and user-friendly eCommerce website is key. But that’s just the first step. A strong online presence with active social media accounts, up to date SEO strategies, and an aesthetically pleasing branding will attract potential and repeat customers.

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We keep your goals in mind.

We accomplish your product’s popularity through strong, consistent messaging, and competitive pricing recommendations, by showing an understanding of the consumer’s wants and needs, and through strategic product placement. Throughout every stage of the merchandising process, whether for electronic commerce or in-store placement, we keep your long-term goals in mind.

E-Commerce Setup
& Management

Bring your brick and mortar store to the digital realm and increase your store’s reach and accessibility! We work closely with your team to setup and optimize your online store in a way that captures the most valuable parts of your shopping experience while setting up the backend for quick and efficient fulfillment processing.

Product Placement

Where your product is placed on a shelf and what products it’s surrounded by is essential to product visibility and perceived use. We work with distributors to identify competitive placement for your product.

Market Research

You can’t correctly speak to your audience if you don’t understand them, especially when you don’t know what their wants and needs are. With a constantly changing market, we routinely conduct market research to ensure that your merchandising is effective and that ad dollars are always being spent productively.

Customer Journey

When a customer is shopping, there are many subtle parts to their shopping journey that decipher whether they purchase or not. They aren’t even normally aware of these subtle decision-making moments. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and work to optimize and smooth the process so that they not only buy your product but leave feeling happy and satisfied with the experience.

In-Store Displays

In-store displays can guide consumers to make purchases that they may not have or even purchase a higher quantity of goods. We keep you top-of-mind through your branding and increase your exposure through convenient and noticeable in-store displays.

Floor Plan Consulting

Every square foot of a store equates to more, or less potential profit. We provide consultation on how to make your floor plan a smooth shopping experience while increasing profits with the products that you already have based on your margins.

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Success Stories

We craft a competitive, multi-channel strategy and find you the greatest return on investment while
implementing the best practices in the industry to ensure your sustainable growth and success.

E-Commerce Website
for Soul Sisters

Being a brick-and-mortar store that was ready to bring their shopping experience online, we created a chic Shopify website for Soul Sisters Boutique. We brought their iconic experience from in-store to online successfully.

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Product Promotion for Nutrition 21

Nutrition 21 has many branded ingredients in hundreds of products. We promote all their ingredients in individual styles to create consistency throughout their social platforms.

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E-Commerce Website
for Hempzilla

We built a fast, responsive, custom e-commerce store for Hempzilla CBD. In addition to selling their product online, we created functionality to highlight their featured products, track their top sellers, display lab results, and educate their customers.

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E-Commerce Website
for Mello Paws

MelloPaws is a light and clean shopping experience. To improve conversions, we built the product details right on the homepage - this meant less clicks for a customer to complete a purchase.

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Product Promotion for REZ

Rez wanted their vehicle wraps to look as good as their beverage tastes - so we used colorful splashes of Rez, juicy fruit images, and large product images. We called out their top sell points by displaying them in easy to read icons.

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E-Commerce Website
for Tackle and Field

Tackle and Field needed a way to increase their sales during the low season - so we developed a categorized online store that they could advertise nationally.

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