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Hempzilla quickly became a big name in the CBD retail space when they first opened in 2015, and with good reason – their products have a level of unmistakable purity, being organically grown and hand-picked in beautiful Colorado where the flower is grown with fresh and nutrient-filled Rocky Mountain water. Having gained a fantastic reputation in their market for not only their direct-to-consumer product but also their distributorship, Hempzilla was ready to take it to the next level and felt that other marketing companies weren’t quite hitting the target. That’s when Hempzilla decided to partner with Nicklaus Marketing. 

In addition to creating and executing an exceptionally creative ad strategy that allowed Hempzilla to run ads on Facebook and Instagram where CBD is usually unable to be advertised, Nicklaus Marketing helped Hempzilla gain even greater brand recognition through a combination of consistent messaging and edgy promotion. Included in this promotion was Powerhouse 2019 by iHeart Radio, one of the biggest hip-hop and rap concerts of the year, where NMPR coordinated everything from what was being featured on the jumbotron, to supplying brand ambassadors, photography, celebrity gift packages, booth design, vendor communication, and setup. 

Since starting with NMPR, Hempzilla’s online sales have gone up over 300% and their distributorship has significantly increased due to the ability to jump on the newest CBD trends with quick and attention-grabbing product packing, as well as the creation of in-store displays and both digital and printed catalogs and sales sheets. 

The all-encompassing partnership of Hempzilla and NMPR has flourished from day 1, and Hempzilla continues to grow significantly in both reach and profits month-over-month.

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