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By producing and publishing on-trend, on-brand, and dynamic content for social media, we engage viewers and start conversations that surround your product or service. Social platforms are an important way to find leads, reinforce the reputability and relevancy of your brand, and to let your customers know that you’re listening to them.

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Building a relationship between your brand and your customers is an important part of creating return customers and fostering brand loyalty – or even just being recognized. Social media is one of the best ways to create and maintain these types of relationships because it also allows you to learn about your customers and receive valuable feedback from them. In addition to getting to know your target audience better, differing social media platforms allow your brand to more specifically interact with your target demographic.

User Engagement

Social media allows you to not just speak to your audience, but to build a relationship with them. We engage with current and future customers in your brand voice, showing them that you’re listening and care about every part of their personal experience with your brand.

Social Media Ads

Through continuous market research, we identify the most actionable audiences, develop an ad strategy, and conduct A/B testing to see how your ad budget can be most effectively allotted. After establishing the most valuable points, we take your campaign and serve it to those who can take action and align with your brand, increasing conversions and lowering your cost-per-click.

Influencer Partnership
& Management

Influencers are talking and people are listening. Reach new audiences and show them how you fit into their lifestyle through influencer partnerships. We work with you to identify the most valuable influencers for your industry, establish and negotiate influencer contracts, set realistic benchmarks, and make sure that those benchmarks are being hit.

Platform Creation
& Optimization

Do you have Instagram? Tik Tok? Facebook? LinkedIn? Whether you need one of those platform pages created from scratch or your page needs a full refresh, our social media gurus will brand your page and outfit it with share-worthy content.  

Audience Growth

There’s numerical growth, and then there’s growth that you truly feel in your business revenue. We help expand your reach to those who are likely to be most actionable to not only buy today but who are also likely to buy tomorrow. We don’t just aim for a large audience, but for a truly happy and receptive audience for your brand. That is always our goal.

Social Media Strategy

Our strategies are effective, thought-out, and edgy when need be to make sure that you’re set apart from the competition. We set realistic benchmarks along with short and long-term goals for your page, and then gauge next steps based on when these benchmarks are hit. We also provide monthly reports so that you always know the pulse of your business.

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Success Stories

At NMPR, we take care of the creation, content, and upkeep of your businesses' social media - you enjoy the benefits of a happy and engaged audience.

Instagram Ads and Posts for Mello Paws

We built this branding from the ground up and that also included their fun, trendy, Instagram account. With over 20k Instagram followers, it's important that every @mellopaws post is on brand and engaging. We used a lot of fun animated GIFS, cute videos, and strategized all of their ad campaigns.

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Social Media Content & Platform
Creation for Nutrition 21

Nutrition21 is a large corporate company with hundreds of patented ingredients, so coming up with a cohesive social media strategy has been months in the making. With the branding of each of their main ingredients and a complete design and content overhaul complete, we will be launching their new social channels in summer 2020!

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Social Media Content for REZ

During our time working with REZ we spearheaded many successful campaigns such as: REZ + Verizon FIOS movie night, Influencer Campaigns, The "official" beverage campaign, and more! The result was an updated and trendy social feed that spoke to customers interested in healthy lifestyles without sacrificing great taste.

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Social Media Management
for NJWineSeller

We manage and curate NJWineSeller's social channels, which include creating engaging content, high-quality photography, and events. We keep things chill (like an ice-cold beer) by featuring new content weekly. We keep things consistent (like your favorite mixer) by designing matching imagery for in-store flyers, mailers, and social posts.

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Social Media Ads for Hempzilla

Hempzilla is a unique company to promote ads because the limits on "CBD" advertising on social media is very strict. We created a targeted and creative campaign strategy that produced results and resulted in no more blocked or declined ads.

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Social Media Ads for Intelligent Bills

Intelligent bills needed social ads that would not only sell their services but sell their reputable reputation to Fortune 100 companies. The ads needed to look sleek and show that they're a tech-focused company that has proven results.

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