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Photography and videography are both prominent drivers of social engagement and perceived value. Visual brand communication can not be overstated – it has been projected that nearly 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be so important that they are even casting product information aside in favor of them. In other words, opinions of your product or service are being formed first through visuals, and only afterward through facts. This makes the visuals you produce crucial to customer engagement and brand efficacy.

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Visually communicate your brand value.

Product Photography

Showcasing your product through high-resolution photos is essential for nearly every platform, including web, social media, print, and broadcast. We take product shots that remain clear on a large or small scale, as well as lifestyle shots that show the everyday value of your product.

Event Photography

Capture valuable moments with beautiful event photography. Our friendly team comes on-site, captures your event, and processes the photos so that you can relive, and promote, your event now and in the future.

Portraiture & Headshots

People work with people they like, and headshots are a great way of giving your brand a friendly and professional face. Whether you choose for us to come on-site, or come to our offices, we take consistent and professional photos that highlight the true personality of your team.

Photo Editing

Have photos that need a professional touch? Our highly-skilled team of photo editors can take your photos to the next level through color-correction, portrait retouching, enhancing, and culling services.

Video Recording

Video can take a viewer and place them in an entirely different frame of mind, providing a rich experience in a short amount of time. Nicklaus Marketing helps to stage your video, record it, edit it, and produce it for your desired platform so that you can transform your static online representation into something exceptionally interactive.

GIF Creation

GIFs are a trending, fun, and creative way of visually conveying your brand, product or service. They are ultra-shareable and are more likely to capture the attention of a viewer while scrolling than a still photo alone. We create eye-catching GIF’s that are great for enhancing and growing your social media presence.

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Success Stories

At NMPR, we will engage your customers, enforce your aesthetic, and visually communicate
your brand value through professional photography and videography services.

Product Photography for Hempzilla

Hempzilla is known for it's edgy "tame the beast" branding, but they wanted to go in a different direction for their topical line. The goal was to display the topicals in a way that mirrors what the products actually do - relax and provide relief for their customers. This photoshoot used natural light, calming neutral colors, and a soft blurred background to achieve this.

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On-Site Photography for
The Gravity Vault

It was important to The Gravity Vault that the viewer would experience the exhilaration of climbing just by viewing their photos. This was an action-packed photoshoot with multiple angles to show perspective and portray the massive size of their facility.

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Product Photography
for Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters is known for their chic bohemian style and it was important that their product photos reflected that style. Rather than a traditional stark white background, we used natural wood and unique textures to convey their brand.

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On-Site Social Media
Photography for Kid & Caboodle

Kids jumping and screaming with joy, colorful parties, all the toys you could ever play with - that's what you are immersed in when you step foot into Kid And Caboodle - and that's what their photography had to show. We captured all these sweet moments and then edited and optimized them to share on all their social channels.

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Product Photography and Video Clips for Mello Paws

We created product mockups and shot lifestyle images and product photography for Mello Paws' brand launch. This included photo editing, pet photography, and creating sharable, fun video clips to be shared on their website and social channels.

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On-Site Photography
for NJWineSeller

NJWineSeller has it all - a full liquor store with a huge inventory and a high-end wine and beer bar. They offer premium wine and craft beer food pairings and we had a fun (and delicious) time photographing their menu, bar, and location. P.S We highly recommend the buffalo cauliflower!

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Headshots for North Jersey
Health and Wellness

With 4 locations and an extensive network of doctors and practitioners, coordinating a full employee photo shoot was a challenge we eager to take on. We shot a full set of headshots for their entire team which helped convey a sense of continuity and balance throughout their website and social media accounts.

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On-Site Photography
for Tackle & Field

Tackle & Field Outfitters is well known for their massive retail space, extensive selection of hunting and fishing gear, and their friendly, knowledgeable staff. NMPR conducts bi-monthly photoshoots to make sure that Tackle & Field’s online presence reflects their in-store offerings, highlighting the latest and greatest products that are in stock!

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