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Gaining engagement for mental health services is very difficult— people who align with the services offered typically do not want to publicly express their struggles and that equates to low engagement numbers. North Jersey Health & Wellness has multiple locations throughout northern New Jersey and their primary strength lies in these private topics that people tend to avoid interacting with for anonymity. Nicklaus Marketing was able to work around this by understanding the consumer, not just the service. Through strategic planning and careful content curation, social media platforms were transformed into informative hubs for mental and physical health with captions that added value and imagery that was uplifting. Targeted ads created awareness in specific market segments and led viewers to engage with approachable copy and simple scheduling links that reduced anxiety in transitioning to a psychologist.

This thoughtful, customized approach extended to North Jersey Health & Wellness’s website development. We created an approachable, accessible 360-degree website experience designed to be streamlined and welcoming. Users were quickly and easily able to navigate to the tools and help they needed, which led to increased web and office traffic and created a social media hub where information was readily retained and questions could be easily asked.

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