The Gravity Vault




Taking a small business and turning it into a franchise that spans across multiple states is a daunting task, but The Gravity Vault and Nicklaus Marketing were ready to take it on together. Understanding the importance of creating a solid foundation and building upward, Nicklaus Marketing started with fortifying the current brand and adjusting it as needed to have the most profitable impact, regardless of location. Intensive market research and brand leveraging was used in finding an entry point into new markets and locations and finding audiences who would be receptive in each of these areas. Using social media content, strategic media buying, and results-driven strategies, Nicklaus Marketing was able to not only find an entry-point, but integrate The Gravity Vault brand deeply into each community. The Gravity Vault is now a staple for many who love to stay active in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York area, and they continue to increase their geographical footprint and retain happy, loyal customers.

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