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Telemedicine is here to stay, and with good reason. With a full host of progressive and effective telemedicine services, Nicklaus Marketing works closely with our Healthcare partners to access their patient journey and online telehealth patient path so that our partners can effectively reflect and deliver the same benefits in healthcare and compliance their patients need while effectively communicating the process and benefits to the community.

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Telehealth is the future of patient care. Telehealth gives patients the ability to check in with their doctor without having to step inside of an actual office. Telehealth services can be offered over the phone, through chat, or using teleconferencing. The doctor’s offices that have embraced telehealth most successfully give their patients a range of options.

Compliance Monitoring

In addition to building out your telehealth practice in accordance with compliance, we also provide continual compliance monitoring to ensure that your business is running smoothly and according to compliance standards so that you can focus on your patients.

Patient Relationship Management

A relationship starts the minute you connect with a patient, and continues even after she or he may stop care. We help foster long-term relationships that make your patients feel valuable through every step of the care process.

Email and Social
Media Marketing

So you offer this great service, but do people know about it? A great way to share the word is through email campaigns and social media marketing. We craft media campaigns that get you seen and keep you top-of-mind.

Remote Patient Care Setup

The customer journey is essential in all cases, but especially when digital methods serve as the only touchpoint. We help establish simple, remote patient care that makes it easier for your team to successfully use and makes the customer experience pleasant, memorable, and seamless.

Patient Retention

They key to future success is gaining new patients in addition to retaining the ones that you already have, not losing focus on the patients that have stuck with you up to this point. We make sure that current patients feel exceptionally valued, and that new patients feel that they’re now an integral part of your brand.


When new customers are looking to take their healthcare online, the first place that they are likely to look is on search engines. Our competitive SEO and SEM strategies help keep your ranking high on search engine results, helping you get in front of the potential patient before competitors.

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