Connoisseur Select


High-End CBD Retailer


It’s no secret that Hempzilla is known for its pure and potent products. Having established its core foundation as an affordable, good quality product, Hempzilla decided to come out with a brand new line of raw CBD products under the name of “Connoisseur Select.” The products within this product line are all strain-specific, unlike their other products, and are highly concentrated. This luxury product still was brought to the market with the mindset of offering the customer an exceptionally fair price for exceptional quality.

Hempzilla worked with Nicklaus Marketing to make a product line that was visibly able to be connected to Hempzilla while still changing the look and feel of the product to reflect it’s high-end qualities. Using dark tones, gold foil, white lettering, clean iconography, and glass jars with the Hempzilla logo burned into the bamboo lids, this product line took on a life of its own and quickly became one of Hempzilla’s best-selling products out of their dozens of SKU’s. 

The Connoisseur Select brand also has opened new pathways for Hempzilla, as some stores who exclusively wanted the raw flower have taken on more of Hempzilla’s primary product line due to the increase in demand Hempzilla has created in their own stores. In total, Nicklaus Marketing was able to create a sister brand that leverages Hempzilla’s reputation but that also serves as a powerful new opportunity to attract and insight fresh interest in both new and current customers and distributors.

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