Search Optimazation

We combine classic brand strategy and account planning with digital strategy, data and user research to find a brand’s true capability.

Why choose us:

From Search Engine Optimization to Social Media Management and Website Design, we understand the internal workings of your business in order to strengthen your brand and increase your clientele.


Flawless functionality on all platforms

We are your biggest brand advocates. From initial concept to full inception, we bring your idea to life and then create a cohesive, results-driven strategy that will make your brand stay top-of-mind in your audience. Learn more


Full-service web design agency

We will design, develop, launch, and maintain your website, making sure that it aligns perfectly with your vision, is geared toward the correct audience, and enforces your brand strategy.


Multi-industry expertise

The team at Nicklaus Marketing & PR has culminated years of multi-industry expertise to keep your branding cohesive, to increase your profit share, and to keep your website ahead of the game.


Social Media Management

Let your voice be heard through on-trend, dynamic social media content! We design and publish on-brand content that engages viewers and starts a conversation. Social platforms are an important way of finding leads, reinforcing the reputability

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