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We make it easy and cost-effective.

As your biggest brand advocates, we ensure that you get the best spots in the best areas for your business. We want each media buy to give you the greatest return on investment possible – we do not take any commissions, passing the full amount of savings on to you.

Target Audience Analysis

Even though media buying targets a large scale of people, it’s essential that your ad resonates with the people seeing it. We analyze your target audience and align your ad and ad space to best reach those individuals so that it remains impactful amidst a crowd.

TV & Radio

TV and Radio don’t mean what they used to. A significant amount of the content we consume is from these two media outlets. We take your ad to traditional TV and radio, as well as growingly popular streaming platforms such as YouTube TV, Spotify, Pandora, and more, bringing you to the consumer directly.


Magazines are a valuable outlet to advertise in based on your industry. Understanding the readership of each magazine, the reach, and cost vs. benefit, we identify which magazines are most profitable for your brand, negotiate the cost, and then create eye-catching ads that will cause the reader to pause.


Whether digital or static, billboards receive thousands of views a day, and many of those individuals see billboards more than once which results in multiple impressions per person. We work closely with companies selling billboard space and take no commissions so that you get roadside visibility at an exceptional price.

Social Media Influencers

Influencers provide a great opportunity to leverage the reputation of key industry players. We conduct an audience analysis to see what influencers are making the truest impact, formulate a favorable contract, and monitor each promotion to ensure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck!

Online Ad Banners

Ad banners on third-party sites can increase your brand visibility exponentially, especially when the ad space is purchased smartly. We analyze the metrics of each site in order to ensure that your ad doesn’t just receive views, but also lasting conversions.

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Success Stories

"Demand More" Campaign for Rez

The "Demand More" campaign for Rez consisted of bright and fun imagery and bold CTAs that highlighted the product imagery. This messaging was consistent on print, social platforms, and online.

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Ad Banners for Tackle and Field

During times of hardship, it's important to serve brand messaging that aligns with your brand and connects with your customer. During the COVID-19 pandemic we related kayaking and social distancing to Tackle and Field's audience through web and ad banners.

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iHeart Radio Powerhouse
Hempzilla Event

Powerhouse was a massive event hosted by iHeart Radio and was coordinated by NMPR for Hempzilla, a primary sponsor. This included digital signage, expo booth designs, brand ambassadors, event staffing and more.

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Subaru "We Love Dogs"
Campaign Billboards

DCN Auto Group needed to convey that their Subaru vehicles are safe and are pet and family friendly. Since 85M American families are dog owners, we used an adorable dog family in a Subaru to touch the hearts of dog owners - a key purchaser or Subaru's according to market research - and get them interested in purchasing their next vehicle from DCN.

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