Through education, value communication, and strategic merchandising, Nicklaus Marketing was able to be a part of RTSP’s incredible evolution from a single-location indoor shooting range to a top-ranked, multi-location range. One of the key factors in this evolution was brand messaging. Many people feel hesitation or reluctance around firearms, and this barrier was one that RTSP and Nicklaus Marketing was determined to find a way around.

At first glance, it may appear that the main differentiator to sell would be the experience, but that’s not enough to get a fearful or reluctant new consumer through the door. Nicklaus Marketing identified that selling the experience would not be enough on its own and crafted a new message that deeply reinforced RTSP’s dedication to safety, their instructors’ tried-and-true knowledge, and the importance of skill set development.

Nicklaus Marketing approached this need to communicate multiple messages with equal importance in several ways. These methods included a rebuild of the RTSP’s website with integrated E-Commerce features, in-house merchandising and messaging adjustments, social media pulses and engagement, SEO and PPC efforts, and traditional media campaigns. When combined, the individual messages joined together seamlessly, and all under the name of RTSP.

RTSP is now the number one indoor shooting range in New Jersey, and it continues to gain traction and increase market share with the unique, immersive opportunity that it offers every customer.

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