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The customer journey is one of the primary components in generating loyalty, and that journey starts the minute a customer interacts with your brand, whether it be online or in-store. We help you put the customer first through applied techniques that generate long-lasting relationships.

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When a customer is shopping, there are many subtle parts to their shopping journey that decipher whether they purchase or not. They aren’t even normally aware of these subtle decision-making moments. We put ourselves in the shoes of your customers and work to optimize and smooth the process so that they not only buy your product, but leave feeling happy and satisfied with the experience.


Although you may be offering your product or service to the masses, it’s important the customer feels that they are appreciated, being heard, and have value. We help establish meaningful gestures, both online and in-store, to make them feel that you see them, even among a crowd.

User Interface

If a website doesn’t function in a way that is simple, pleasant, or appealing, it’s highly unlikely that it will continue to be interacted with. We establish a user interface that is branded and is coded-to-perfection in order to meet your unique needs.

User Experience

Regardless of how great your product or service is, you need to invest in your customers to retain them. Focusing on the overall user experience on a macro and micro level help to illuminate ways that you can better serve your customers and keep them coming back.

Email Journeys

Many companies have chosen to move their regular customer newsletters from print to digital due to the incredibly low cost and the ability to have customers be actionable upon opening. That shift has created a lot of competition. We make our emails create a journey with a purpose, inciting interest and conversions.

Ad Banners

Similar to product placement, ad banners need to not only have great content but also be published in smart places. We design eye-catching ad banners that serve as a valuable reminder to your current and potential customers that you’re there and are eager to be a part of the journey they’re on.

Behavioral Research

Understanding why your customer does what they do and how to optimize your actions to cater to that can take immense amounts of time and money. As a team, we study behavioral research from around the globe to understand the current pulse of behavior being seen within your industry, and put that knowledge to the test using focus groups and benchmarking to ensure that you’re staying competitive.

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Success Stories

Custom Donations Journey
for Village Supermarkets

Village Supermarket needed a way for users to request a donation from one of their many programs. We developed a custom UX experience that featured a "steps" pagination, custom form fields, and integration with their 30+ google calendars for each ShopRite location.

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Personalized Deliverables
for Commit2Fit

Commit2Fit wanted to increase their corporate training side of the business, so we created a customer path through digital and print media that helped highlight this service and create more leads.

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Mobile Friendly User Experience
for Intelligent Bills

Intelligent Bills has impressive numbers - we're talking millions in savings for their customers. But, these numbers won't mean a thing if the customer can't see them or can't figure out how to contact them. We created an online journey that reinforces their brand messaging and leads potential customers to take action.

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User Experience Design
for Village Supermarkets

We wanted customers to be able to easily call, email, or drive to any of their 30+ ShopRites. We connected 30+ locations to the back end of Village Supermarkets website with Google Maps and linked up each store to it's own community page. Now customers can quickly find what they need which equals fewer customer service calls and emails for the internal team.

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Brand Refresh
for Jersey City Kia

We coordinated a brand refresh and grand re-opening for Jersey City Kia. This included a brand new, corporate compliant website, email journeys, dealership signage, social media refresh, and more. The goal was to gain more attention of potential customers and getting more feet through the door.

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Website and
Press for LaBar Golf

In the golf industry, reputation matters. That's why it was important to not only show potential clients to the gorgeous golf courses LaBar renovates, but lead them to the Press page - where other experts in the golf universe complement their work.

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