The Staying Power of Great Branding

There’s very little question about it, if your company is going to have any staying power—especially in today’s uber competitive marketplace where a customer can buy from you just as easily as they can from any other company in the world—you need to build and work your brand.

In fact, the power of branding is worth its weight in…actually, the only way to truly measure the impact of your brand is to watch your sales increase and bottom line get greener.

Think about the brands you know best. Google. Facebook. Twitter. And those are the newbies. How about McDonalds, Ford and Heinz? Great branding has great staying power.

If customers can’t forget you, they will be customers for life. Simply put, when a customer needs what you sell, they will come back again and again because your brand left an impression. If they forget, your merch can easily remind them. Check out this article on the power of giveaways and souvenirs—merchandise!

Branding: A Road Map for Your Company

Branding is a road map? Huh? Yes, it is. By setting a branding strategy from the start, you can create a pathway to success by drawing a road map with steppingstones to reach your goals. And we aren’t just talking about one pathway. When you have sturdy branding and market recognition, you can launch various campaigns and take your customers (and prospects) along for the ride.

Of course, the key is to make sure your branding fits your company’s mission and goals. It speaks with your company “voice.” It repeatedly makes a point of telling all who see it that your company is vibrant, customer-centric, reliable and offers value/ROI.

Use smart branding to develop recognition and trust in the marketplace

Unless you work for NASA, you have tons of competition in your market—across the street and around the world (thanks Google). Your branding needs to represent your company ideals, tell a story, create recognition and, most importantly, inspire trust.

Wow! That’s a tall order for “branding.” Perhaps, but without a brand that is easily recognizable and inspires trust, what do you have? (Other than a warehouse of goods that are not moving or professionals offering services to an empty waiting room?)


Your logo and tagline are the most obvious part of your branding. Once you choose branding, make sure it appears everywhere—your website, social platforms, merch, signage, emails, advertising. When you are looking to communicate with anyone, make sure your branding is front and center.

Choose colors and designs that fit your intention. There is tons of research about how color, shapes and images impact a consumer. Red puts out the intention of aggression and force. Blue is viewed as calming and serene. The list goes on and on. Consult with a marketing expert so you don’t waste time and money creating a brand that will be a non-starter from Day 1.

As time goes on, your branding should become synonymous with your goals. And, maybe someday, you’ll hit the bigtime with your branding. (You can hope, right?) Once again, consider McDonalds. Everyone recognizes the golden arches. Most people even know the tagline: “I’m lovin’ it.” Ever found yourself humming: ba, da, bum, bum bum…? That’s the power of branding recognition.


If your branding does not inspire trust in your clientele and marketplace, you are doing it wrong. In fact, consumer distrust spreads like a wildfire that won’t be easy to distinguish.  

Therefore, protect your brand. Once you realize people are more likely to buy from a company they recognize, treat your brand like it’s the foundation of your business. Because it is. If people lose faith and trust in your products or services, your foundation will crumble.

Trust and credibility go hand in hand. When you have an established brand, it’s important to support it with content that establishes you and your company as go-to resources in your market. This can be done with website content, blog articles, books, e-books or e-pamphlets and placed content in trustworthy publications.

Customers look for great content to confirm your reliability and Google rewards high quality content SEO-wise.

Nicklaus Marketing & PR can help establish your company as a thought leader in your marketplace. And, if you need upgraded or refreshed branding, our creative team will be happy to bring your branding to life. Great content is our jam! Connect with us and request a free consultation. Let’s get you noticed!

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