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Spring Playlist Series: Songs to Channel Warmer Days 

As the weather warms up and the days get longer, we’re filled with the sense of hope that comes with fresh beginnings. To set the tone for Spring, we’ve put together our very own Spring Has Sprung ‘22 playlist complete with upbeat bops, laidback tunes, and everything needed to get you pumped for the season.  

For easy listening, scroll to the linked Spring playlist at the bottom and be sure to check out a few song recaps on the way! 

Magic In The Hamptons – Social House feat. Lil Yachty

Let’s just say, we kicked off the playlist with this one for a reason. From its catchy lyrics to the overwhelmingly upbeat tune, we swear every foot in the office starts tapping when this bop comes on.  

Exactly how they describe their work, Social House ignites a melting pot of emotions from this song alone. When we went around the office and asked what scene it transported everyone to, it’s no surprise there were a variety of responses: “driving by the beach with the windows down and tennis shoes on,” “standing beneath cotton candy skies,” “skateboarding along the boardwalk.” 

Compiling these answers together, I guess what we’re trying to say is, if this song doesn’t scream feel-good moments and warmer days ahead, we don’t know what will. So, who wants to meet us in the Hamptons??? 

Simple Times – Kacey Musgraves 

Capturing the quintessential longing for youth, “Simple Times” lulls us back to the days when our greatest “responsibilities” involved hanging out with our best friends, hitting the mall, and communicating via pager.  

This song comes from Kacey’s new album star-crossed and opens with a smooth, steady beat that abruptly picks up and charges right into the chorus. Perhaps the best part of this song is how clearly Kacey articulates the ever-relatable feelings of adulthood — “Wish that I could put this game on pause. Skip this round, take the headset off,” — and, in turn, creates an almost-tangible visitation to those simpler moments in life.

For us, this song, much like the coming of Spring, channels an ignorance-is-bliss mentality — even if only for the two minutes and 47 seconds the track spans. 

Go On Then, Love – Said The Sky and The Maine 

In true Said The Sky fashion, this track starts off with intensely emotive sounds that are overlayed by the echoing vocals of The Maine’s lead singer, John O’Callaghan. This bit claims no more and no less than the first 21 seconds of the song, instantly establishing a gut feeling laced with wistfulness, foreshadowing, and hot-cold love.  

An iconic crossover between the dance/electronic and alt-rock genres, this song brings together everything there is to love about the music of past and present. More than that, “Go On Then, Love” completes Said The Sky’s video trilogy, which follows the story of a young love triangle. All we can say is, buckle upppp and get ready to dance, sing, and sip some teen romance tea.  

Me & You Together Song – The 1975  

Does anyone else live for reading lyric explanations on Genius or in the stories attached to Spotify songs? Because WE DO. After tapping through the storyline of “Me & You Together Song,” it came as a surprise that, with all its happy-go-lucky-in-love vibes, this song was a challenge for Matty, the band’s lead singer, to create. He goes on to explain that most of their songs, especially those that trend upbeat, are usually paired with conflicting lyrics, while this one is purely jovial. 

Frequently jamming out to The 1975 often leads us to some cool vocab finds, including a new word from this song: “nappies.” To clear up any confusion, this isn’t a fun way of saying multiple naps, but rather a British term for diapers!

If joy is the theme of this season, then this song is a must — and we’re certainly not mad about it. 

We Made This Album In Newport – Quinn XCII 

We can still remember the day this album dropped in 2021 — six years after the release of Quinn XCII’s debut EP, Change of Scenery I. The new album, appropriately titled Change of Scenery II, opens with this dreamy track, wrapped up in nostalgia. The ethereal, music-box-like chiming that begins the 0:58 second piece feels so signature to Quinn XCII’s long-time friend, ayokay, who co-produced the album with Hazey Eyes.  

Part of what makes the track special is the use of background noises. Think: car doors opening, footsteps on gravel, muffled conversations with friends. The sounds are coupled by simple-yet-meaningful vocals, including a sample from Native Tongue — a song on the original Change of Scenery I. As the words “So, don’t change,” come through loud and clear, “We Made This Album In Newport” has us all wanting to go back to summer’s past…or to book a trip to Rhode Island ASAP. 

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At Nicklaus Marketing & PR, music is our favorite way to boost the office mood and let our creativity flow. That’s why it was an absolute blast putting this Spring playlist together. To get in the same mindset and join us in channeling the sunny days ahead, grab your speakers and press play! 

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