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4 Playlists to Spice Up Your Summer Adventures

Summer is right around the corner, and since our Work From Home Playlists had such a great response, we thought we’d put our DJ’s (the Nicklaus Marketing team) back to work! Together, we created 4 playlists to spice up your summer adventures, and we must admit, this might be some of our greatest work yet.

5 Low-Risk Summer Activities During Coronavirus

With the weather getting nicer and the sun making its appearance for the season, it’s hard to fight the urge to get outside and enjoy our normal summer activities. But with public beaches and states opening up little by little, it’s hard to know what endeavors are safe, and where we can take those first steps. We’ve compiled a list of 5 low-risk summer activities during Coronavirus that can help keep you in good spirits, and safely begin the journey towards a normal life and enjoying the summer sun.

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