Should Coronavirus Slow Down Your Marketing Efforts? No!

If you’re watching the news of coronavirus like everyone else worldwide, you’re probably wondering what impact this has on your business. While it might seem like a time to throw up your hands and wait it out, this is actually an opportunity for you to test new marketing strategies, promote your brand, and go digital with your ads.

In this blog post we’ll explore ideas you can apply to your own marketing strategies.

Top 5 Ways to Market your business infographic

Don’t capitalize on fear, focus on help

First off, there is a huge difference between capitalizing on public fears and addressing public concerns in your marketing. Everyone is thinking about coronavirus. We can’t help it, we’re human. It’s a real threat, and it’s very much on our minds.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Exploit short-term shortages (e.g., masks, toilet paper, hand sanitizer)
  • Make light of the concern—jokes when people have died from this are not appreciated
  • Fear-mongering—now is not the time to induce more panic
  • Address coronavirus without really offering anything—just saying you’re aware of it is not enough of a reason to email your database

What you should do:

  • Find a way to help—share a promotion that’s actually a good deal, or write a useful blog post💁‍♀️
  • Address coronavirus in the blogs you were already planning on writing
  • Keep on marketing!

Remember, national brands aren’t afraid to talk about coronavirus in their marketing. You shouldn’t be, either.

Work out your strategy for the next few months

Actually, you might need to rework your strategy. Let’s face it: your old plans are out the window.

So what are you going to do for the next few weeks?

No one knows how long this is going to last, but we know what it’s like in the present. Plan your strategy for when things are back to normal, and in the meantime focus on the here and now. Read a lot so you understand what other brands are doing and how the world is reacting to coronavirus. This will also help you understand trends as well so you can react accordingly in your marketing efforts.

Test that strategy you’ve been thinking about

Now is the time to be bold and try things you haven’t tried before. Coronavirus has temporarily changed our world. And while it’s only a matter of time before things go back to the way they were, you can use this unique moment to try new things.

If you were considering testing out a new audience, this is a good opportunity to get their attention with a strong offer. Maybe you had a webinar or whitepaper idea that you haven’t acted on yet. Now is the time to hunker down, write the content, and gear up to promote it!

Run a promotion that can get you noticed

What can your business offer the world that they’ll benefit from during this time? It might be gift cards for later, or it might be something people can use while they work from home.

Whatever it is, make sure your offer is clear and strong. Find out what your competitors are offering. (if anything) and make sure you don’t sound like you’re copying them.

Digital is your friend—but make sure you stand out

If you haven’t done digital marketing before, now is the time to embrace it. Start a blog (and write about your experience during coronavirus), run digital ad campaigns, and engage with your customers (and prospects) on social media.

More than likely, all of your customers are at home working (or at home going stir crazy). Everyone is online, and that’s where you can reach your audience. But think before you engage with your audience. Make sure you have something unique to say about coronavirus. Don’t simply rehash what another brand has already said or done. React as your brand and say something only your brand can say.

Similar to what we said previously in the blog, don’t prey on concerns. Instead, offer up something useful. Such as an infographic of the reasons why you should still prioritize marketing during coronavirus.

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