Consumer Habits After The Coronavirus Pandemic: How Should You Shake Up Your Marketing?

Consumer habits post-coronavirus

consumer habits

Coronavirus is changing everything, including consumer habits. The way we research products and shop isn’t just temporarily changed. This is the new normal.

Here are a few things we expect to shake up marketing efforts for everyone through the end of 2020 and beyond.

Everyone will be shopping online

consumer habits

Online shopping was a growing trend long before coronavirus drove everyone into self-quarantine. But now demographics that would have never considered online shopping are realizing how easy it is. Online grocery ordering and curbside pickup for retail stores are becoming the usual. And people are enjoying the convenience.

While previously it didn’t always make sense for brick-and-mortar local stores to have an online presence, now it’s vital. Driving people to a website during COVID-19 (and after) could mean saving a business in trouble.

More streaming ads, less TV and radio ads

consumer habits

Consumers are turning to streaming platforms to get their entertainment as opposed to traditional TV. During COVID-19, people are streaming content an average of 8 hours a day. And with fewer people driving, radio ads are becoming a lower-impact marketing strategy.

Instead, businesses will need to sponsor podcasts or place ads on YouTube or Twitch streams in order to get in front of their prospects. TV advertising is expensive, and the results aren’t measurable. With everyone spending more time on the computer instead of in front of the TV, it’s really a no-brainer to take that TV ad spend and put it towards online advertising.

Expectations around personalization

consumer habits

When you spend so much time online, you get accustomed to certain things. You expect Google to know what types of news you want to learn about. You expect to see ads that are relevant to your interests. An impactful way to advertise online is to serve users personalized retargeting banners based on their past search habits.

But it moves beyond expecting to see suggested purchases based on previous purchases. When it comes to consumer habits in 2020, they expect you to talk directly to them.

That means personalized landing pages, marketing emails that are customized based on their interests, and more direct interaction on industry forums.

You not only need to understand the different paths your customers are likely to take, but you need to implement a structure to help them along that path. And, as you guide them along that path, address them by their name. Make reference to their position or their industry to let them know that you understand their challenges. Create a company account on sites like Reddit and chime in when your customers or prospects mention you.

Be careful on forums not to drive the conversation or self-promote. Provide information about yourself only when it’s relevant.

How is COVID-19 impacting change in your business? Let’s set up a time to talk through it.

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