4 Tips for Content Creation (that people will actually read)

When thinking about good content creation, targeting your audience, sharing on social media, utilizing email lists, and incorporating engaging photography and videography are all important elements for success.

1. Use Customer Feedback for Content Creation 

You have direct access to what existing and potential consumers want, so use it to your advantage! Whether they’re commenting on your social posts, reaching out to your sales team, or leaving reviews, any feedback can help create in-demand content for your audience.  

2. Promote Your Content via Social Media 

Now that you’ve written an awesome piece of content, it’s time to share it with the world!

Social Media Content Creation Benefits: 

  • Push new content directly on your feed or in stories  
  • Easily interact with your follower community   
  • Ability to include a swipe up link* on stories
  • Viewers can reshare your content, thus broadening your reach!   

3. Promote Your Content via Email

Email blasts are a great way to deliver relevant content to loyal group of customers or readers. These people are most likely to read your writing because they already signed up for it and have shown interest! What’s the most important part about email content creation? Segmenting your audience and delivering them hyper-targeted messages they are interested in.

Email Content Creation Benefits:   

  • Ability to tailor messaging to your subscriber list 
  • Multiple touch points to grab attention (i.e. subject lines, popular keywords, CTA)  
  • Room to include extra details — just be sure it’s straightforward and not too text-heavy. Bullet points or imagery with crisp captions are your friends here! 

4. Use Engaging Photography and Videography

Captivating images or informative videos that connect to your topic can really play up your words and enhance your overall content creation. Even if you choose stock photos, they will help to break up content so it’s easy for your reader to digest. Just make sure you don’t overdo it with these two — the last thing you want is to overshadow the good stuff, AKA your writing!  

Whether you choose to utilize social media, email lists, photography, or all of these, with good content creation you’re improving the chances of your content being seen! 

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