Website Redesign During A Pandemic: Why Right Now Is The Right Time For A New Look

website design during a pandemic now is the time

If you’ve been putting off a website redesign because you know it’s going to be a big project, now is the time to finally commit! The entire world is working from home and concerned about the coronavirus, but you can’t slow down your marketing efforts.

Here are a few good reasons why a website redesign needs to be part of your pandemic survival plan.

Your customers are distracted

customers are distracted by media

Right now, your customers are dealing with a slew of emails, customers requests, and personal problems because of coronavirus. We’re all handling this differently, and we’re all dealing in our own way.

While distracted customers might be a negative for your usual marketing endeavors such as email, paid digital ads, and social, it’s actually a positive for a website redesign.

Customers aren’t looking to commit right now, which means you have time to build your brand and focus on your website. This enables you to do more testing and slowly rebuild your website pages exactly how you want them. You can even temporarily direct your prospects to dedicated landing pages using sites like Unbounce or CrazyEgg.

Part of the reason we always put off doing an entire site redesign is because we’re afraid of working out the kinks once it’s live. With the world distracted, you’re buying yourself a lot of time.

You have additional resources to search for web designers (and sites) you like

you have extra time to shop for designers

Some of your usual responsibilities are out the window (for now). And a lot of your employees likely have some free time. This is the moment to research web designers you like and sites you’d like to emulate.

Not to mention, the web designers who are usually busy are more likely to take your business immediately and get to work. Waiting periods are a thing of the pre-COVID-19 days.

Use the newfound time you have and get a designer you love, and have them get to work immediately.

You can devote your time to the website redesign

extra free time to give for a website

Website redesigns aren’t just resource intensive. They also just take a long time. You need to review what the designer shares with you, be explicit about the examples you share, and you need to check everything.

But website redesigns usually happen in the background of our usual workday. That means projects get stretched out from a few weeks to a few months.

Usually, a website redesign happens piecemeal. You start with the homepage, work your way to the major pages, and finally fill in the gaps. But now that you’ve got the time and can concentrate your full attention on a redesign, it means you can get it done sooner.

Redirect your usual budgets

you can relocate budget items to website

A lot of the spend you usually have set aside isn’t getting used right now. Think of the trade shows you’re missing out on, the ad campaign you need to delay (or rework), and the sponsored email blasts that don’t make sense anymore.

You need to move your budgets around to make the most of this time, and focusing on a website redesign now and all of those other tasks later just makes sense.

So start pinning those websites you love and jotting down your dream website ideas. This is the moment you can make it happen.

And if you need a little help, and what to make sure you get your website redesign done in record time, contact us. We’d love to make your dream website come true.

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