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4 Tips for Blogs that Strengthen Brand Strategy

It’s important to develop a results-driven brand strategy that initiates a strong foundation. A good foundation will ensure longevity, keeping your brand dynamic and compelling. One element staying relevant and being seen is SEO. Any SEO wiz will tell you— frequent posting of well-constructed blogs is an import can do wonders for your website’s search engine ratings and is relatively low cost. This means more eyes on your content and hopefully, new customers!

E-commerce stores, resource sites, or information about your business’ services use blogs to stay relevant and keep consistent top-of-the-search rankings. Keeping those posts relevant to current events is key. Nicklaus Marketing is about to break down 4 Ways Good Blogs Strengthen Brand Strategy, so you can grow and do what you do best— running your business!

1. What Are Engaging “Current Events?”

brand strategy blog writing

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, current events don’t necessarily only refer to what you’re seeing on the news or the big headlines. While COVID-19’s unprecedented impact created, probably, life-long changes to everyday life, the current events you’re referring to don’t have to be ones of astronomical proportions.

It can be something as simple as going along with the change of the seasons!

For example, we started to create and post seasonal playlists. This is something we found that we not only enjoy in the office and in our own free time, but it allows potential customers to find something relevant to what everyone is experiencing right now. Also, it helps give anyone out there looking for a full-service marketing agency to get a feel for who we are. (But that’s just a bonus!)

Seasons, holidays, things like election-season, all play a role in everyday life and can play a key role in writing blogs that align with your brand strategy. So chances are, they affect your business too. E-Commerce business, tell your customers what they need before their Summer getaway. Service industry?

In the Spring, explain how customers should utilize their tax returns to invest in something they otherwise may not be able to afford. There is always a way to tie what’s going on in the world back to your business.

2. Understanding Trending Keywords

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Keywords are what set your blog apart and get them discovered. There are a plethora of resources about what makes good keywords for an everyday post, but it becomes really easy when you’re talking about current events.

But while you want to be specific, you also want to make sure that people can actually find what you’re talking about! Let’s look at an example.

Think about what people might search, and use.

COVID-19 is a great example for this. Tag any blog post with COVID-19 and however you’re tying it to your business.

3. Create Content of Value

A blog that has value is key, otherwise, a blog post is just a jumble of words. Whenever we’re about to write a blog, we think “how could people benefit from this,” and “What information do we want to gather for people?” We find sources and other articles, collect the information, analyze it, and add a touch of razzle-dazzle.

An easy way to make content valuable any strengthen your brand strategy is to make it relevant! Blogs with valuable content are more likely to be actually read through the end, and even better, shared!

4. Nothing relevant? Give Company Updates!

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Even if there is an abundance of current events to pull from and relate to, company updates are another great way to give insight on your business and your company character.

We did this at the peak of COVID-19. Many of our friends and family members are nurses on the frontlines of this pandemic. Working long nights and picking up shifts left and right. After seeing the ways other people we’re helping, the team decided to create headbands that hold surgical masks to donate to hospitals. We shared this in our Nicklaus Marketing Team Sews Headbands for NJ Nurses During Pandemic post.

Not only was this relevant, but it was a great way to showcase how our team came together for a greater cause.

Even though they’re not exactly blog posts, we also love posting case studies about the success our clients have had! It displays our work as a company but also keeps our website fresh, exciting, and chock-full of SEO keywords.

Now that we know how much blogs can help your SEO and in turn your brand strategy, let’s discuss basic seo strategies and why they matter.

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